How To Deal With Anxiety At Work

How to deal with anxiety at work

Depending on what type of workplace you find yourself in, you could experience your anxiety levels rising from the moment that you step through the office door. Whether you are an employee, a manager, or somewhere in between, you are bound to experience some sort of stress in the workplace from time to time. In […]

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

mental health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week! Last year, Real Business reported on a study conducted by global HR company MHR, that stated 53% of employees felt a lack of support from their employer in safeguarding their mental health and well-being during the first 2020 lockdown. As we finally regain a sense of normality, have employers and […]

How to make your office more eco-friendly

How to Make your Office More Eco-Friendly

Call it “going green”, “tree-hugging”, or “environmentally friendly”. No matter what you call it, becoming eco-friendly is high on most people’s priority lists in 2021 as the world sees the need for healthier lifestyles and sustainable living. Running an eco-friendly office can significantly boost your brand image, but it’s also good for the environment, and […]

How to find a work-life balance

How to find a work-life balance

Balance plays an integral role in many different aspects in life. But as you’d know, if you’ve ever been on a see-saw, is that finding that sweet spot can be incredibly tricky and fleeting. In 2021, it may be harder to achieve a healthy work-life balance than ever before. We are chained to our cell […]