Celebrities who have taken on real-life roles as hospitality entrepreneurs

Celebrity hospitality entrepreneurs

Ryan Gosling

In a similar way that Robert De Niro found himself attracted to the food that led to the launch of Nobu, Ryan Gosling seems to have had a serendipitous outcome for his journey into the world of hospitality entrepreneurs.

The La La Land star is the co-founder of Tagine, a Beverly Hills-set restaurant that dishes up Moroccan cuisine. Although Gosling has admitted he bought the venue on a spur of the moment, it has longevity and has been running since 2004.

Ryan Gosling Tagine hospitality entrepreneurs
Gosling with his Tagine co-founders
But 13 years ago, Gosling was still on the rise, however, that didn’t stop him from setting up Tagine alongside chef and co-owner Ben Benameur and Benameur’s former co-worker Chris Angulo.

Having whipped up Moroccan delights for Gosling and Angulo that his grandmother made for him in his youth, Benameur instantly had two new fans.

According to the Tagine website: ‘They had never had anything like it before. Ryan told Ben it was ‘the food I want to eat for the rest of my life!’ The only problem was that there wasn’t a place in L.A. where they served food like that, not like Ben’s.  The three decided to change that and they opened Tagine in 2004.”

Ryan Gosling Tagine hospitality entrepreneurs
Inside the Beverly Hills hotspot
In an interview six years ago, Gosling said of the decision: “I bought it a few years ago on a whim. I was broke afterwards and had to do all the renovations by myself. Just alone to lay pipes took me half a year. In the meantime everything is done and I help as a waiter from time to time.”

The star is anything but broke today, boasting a $30m net worth thanks to his soaring film career.

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