The celebrity alcohol brands that have thrived and dived

Celebrity alcohol brands

Drew Barrymore Barrymore Wines

While Pitt and Jolie resisted using their names in the branding initially, fellow Hollywood star Drew Barrymore embraced the trend of celebrity alcohol brands and had no problem shouting about her involvement from the rooftops.

The Barrymore Wines website has her face found throughout, with the actress declaring her love for the passion project in partnership with Carmel Road.Celebrity alcohol brands Barrymore wines

She has every right to, of course Barrymore is a key part of the entire winemaking process, with three wines launched to date.

Niccolo Salvadori, a partner in SGC Group licensee for Barrymore Wines, said: “Drew made numerous trips to Italy, spent time with the facility and was involved with the wine at every level.”

Barrymore backed that up in an interview and said that it’s only right to name something after you if you’re actively involved beyond a celebrity endorsement standpoint.

She said: “I hate name slapping, I won’t do it. I was apprehensive to put my name on it. I think if you can talk about the journey and you are educated, invested and involved, you can gauge who really is there.

“Pinot Grigio and ros” were always what I would sit around with my girlfriends and drink on a Sunday afternoon.”

Barrymore’s first wine sold out at pace and a 2016 vintage has had 8,000 cases made this year, with sales expectations for the product equally as high.

It’s not just George Clooney with a taste for tequila, as we reveal on the next page.

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