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Channel your love of sci-fi through Weyland-Yutani looking Podtime sleeping capsule

A great quote from Robbie Clutton, director at Pivotal Labs, can be found on the Real Business site. Silicon Valley has succeeded,” he hailed. It’s made billionaires out of quite a few of them and while the high density of talent has added to its momentum, it is not the only aspect that?lies at the heart of its achievements” the perks offered by Valley firms, such as napping in a Podtime capsule, play a large part as well.

Podtime is a fine example of how Silicon Valley lives and dies on its culture, with Clutton explaining: “Placing an emphasis on agile working and collaborative processes, the Valley encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creates an environment in which new ideas are given the time and space to breathe rather than being left to wither on the vine. However, it is a misconception that such a culture, and the perks associated with it, are the preserve of Valley firms.

Any firm can channel its success, with offered perks not needing to be of the extravagant’slides and music room kind we’ve found that most people prefer the likes of free coffee anyway.


However, it certainly helps to offer something that can, on some level, compete with those offered at Google and Facebook the two places all staff look to, wishing they could have anything remotely as cool sounding as a free gourmet food area or sleeping pod.


Of course, even if an SME owner wanted a sleeping pod, it doesn’t change the fact that they are beyond pricey. But guess what” As one of our recommended corporate gifts, we introduce a sleeping pod that retails from between £1,395 and £2,495 depending on your choices its far cheaper than a £13,000 Rolex watch sporting Snoopy onthe front.

The Podtime sleeping capsule looks like something out of a sci-fi ship and comes with LED lights, ventilation inlets and the ability to add on your very own corporate logo. The best part is that the pods come in a stacked version, just in case you thought of buying more than one. It was aptly named the Bunk Pod and comes with power points and an option of either blinds or curtains.

On the higher spectrum of the price range spectrum is the standard single sleep pod, which has a built in TV and reduces more noise.

If you want your favourite client to experience the benefits of a rested workforce then its definitely the present to go for.

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