Charging into the Rugby World Cup could make a champion of your business

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With so much appreciation for sporting events, CV-Library has said that SMEs should embrace the Rugby World Cup to prevent unauthorised employee absences as one in seven are tempted to skive off of work. That’s equivalent to 4.4m of the 31m Brits in employment that may pull a sickie during the six-week period.

At 61.7 per cent, the majority of staff believe that companies should show support of global sports events.

An even higher percentage of 81.8 per cent said tournaments like the Rugby World Cup provide good bonding opportunities with peers – that said, just one in ten firms harness international occasions for team-building purposes.

“Major sporting events are often viewed as a potential disruption. However, if tightly managed, a business can use the sense of national sporting pride as an opportunity to increase staff morale and job satisfaction,” said Lee Biggins, CV-Library’s founder and MD.

“Planning ahead and considering ways to embrace international events in the workplace, can actually reduce disturbance and avoid staff taking unauthorised leave.”

On-demand taxi booking service Gett expanded into 18 new UK cities in June, taking its total reach to 25 locations nationwide. Given that there’s synergy with match locations such as Birmingham and Manchester, Gett CEO Remo Gerber is eager to make the most of the tourism.

“We are very excited about the Rugby World Cup and it will be a strong boost for all our black cabs up and down the country,” he said. 

“Due to the ability to pre-order your cab, many people will find it easy to get to and from the venues. Further to that, we will be present with other initiatives near key venues.”

The firm has also gone beyond transport of people to facilitate product delivery, as revealed in July which saw the arrival of a partnership with champagne business Veuve Clicquot. Currently a London-only project, Gerber is hoping rugby fans in the capital will be looking to celebrate by using the bottle service, which results in delivery within ten minutes.

Like Brinkworth and Biggins, he was keen to emphasise that local firms should embrace the festivities.

“The key to success is good planning and agility in the heat of the execution. Regarding such a large scale event, small businesses should not be blinded by the sheer number of visitors, as many will be crowd-managed one way or another and therefore difficult to access,” Gerber said.

“Thus businesses should think of niches how to create experiences or needs fulfilment that isn’t just in the mainstream of the mass movements.”

In a world where consumers crave a bargain, digital discount business is in exactly the right spot to understand consumer behaviour when it comes to big events, such as Black Friday or Wimbledon, as well as the everyday.

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Working alongside clients including, Bella Italia, Dorothy Perkins, Boots, Tesco and more, the firm is well placed in different verticals that stand to see a spike in business as a result of the Rugby World Cup. MD Claire Davenport highlighted research commissioned by the company, which found that the FIFA World Cup encouraged British consumers to spend £1.3bn. Purchases included sportswear, TVs, food and drink, with shoppers wanting to get into the spirit of things.

“Should UK teams do well in the Rugby World Cup, we would expect to see a similar pattern of consumer activity and for retailers across all industries to benefit from a boost in spending over the course of the competition,” said Davenport.

“Last year’s FIFA World Cup report from CRR and revealed £38m as spent by consumers via mobile devices, and with 15 per cent of consumers now using their mobile as their primary method of shopping we can expect this spend to be even higher for the IRB World Cup. Now is the time for retailers to scrutinise their mobile strategy and ensure they are able to capitalise on the World Cup shopping frenzy.

“Whilst there are still over 40 days to go until the Rugby World Cup kicks off at Twickenham, we have already started to see the effects of people hunting for an early bargain ahead of the action. For example, in the past week we have seen a 123 per cent increase in people searching for discounts on TVs, a 108 per cent hike in the number of people looking for deals on sportswear and a 141 per cent increase in consumers looking for a deal on satellite or cable TV services.

“With increased consumer expenditure for the World Cup already evident with over a month to go, retailers across all sectors should be prepared for the spending boost that will undoubtedly amplify over the coming weeks – particularly with regard to mobile shoppers.”

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