Charlie Mullins on cold snaps and pointless reports

This is a tragic and extreme case that shows how important heating systems and our domestic gas supplies are, especially to the elderly.

And it is exactly this kind of happening that has me asking: does anyone in government actually ever think, what if… ?

Well, here’s a “what if?” question: what if there’s another cold snap in February or March and our already woefully low gas stocks are completely exhausted?

The National Grid has already issued four gas shortage alerts as supplies have become seriously depleted due to breaks in production caused by the bad weather. Businesses in some regions of the country have even being deprived of gas to protect supplies to domestic customers.

This country practically runs on gas but, as a result of a bit of cold weather, there’s panic alerts going off all over the place like never before. People need to know there is security of supply.

Not only are people trapped in their homes because there’s not enough salt to grit the roads, but their homes may well be turned into iceboxes if there isn’t enough gas to heat them! This is very dangerous territory and will put lives at risk.

Cutting supplies to businesses is also dangerous, as it affects the productivity of industries already battling their way through recession.

If industry has to shut down just to leave enough gas to keep vital services going, where does that leave the economic recovery? Worse still, what if the nasty weather lasts a little longer than the ten days we’ve just had?

While I’m talking about the weather (like everyone else!), they say timing is everything. I am so glad my team finished the new toilet block before the snow hit Long Lane Garden Centre, one of the charities I help following my appearance on Secret Millionaire. Having a safe and secure set of toilets is a lot safer in these horrendous conditions than small portable loos.

I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at telling the government, the so called “bosses” of this country, where they are going wrong. And it seems that telling an employer what your honest opinion of them can also be good for your health.

Someone’s spent a load of cash to come up with this new, pointless report that makes the ground-breaking revelation that you’ll feel better if you tell the truth – genius!

And it seems it is also good for me, as a boss too, as – shock, horror! – it’s useful to know what people think of me, and what I can do to improve the workplace.

All I can say is well done to the authors of that report, which was presented to the British Psychological Society’s occupational psychology conference this week – you really pulled the wool over your bosses’ eyes when you got funding approved for that piece of rubbish!

We’re all adults and surely big enough to handle the truth from people around us, whether they are family members or employees. I have always relied on people to let me know when I’m getting it wrong.

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