Choosing the right trade show representative

These three tactics can help you put together a coherent, effective trade show sales strategy and get the best results ? from the best people ? during your next event.

Choosing someone that knows your product well

Does your best salesperson know your product well? Do they know technical specs and other important information in detail? Trade shows attract a diverse range of people, making it important that your reps can answer technical questions.

Choose someone that?s a good match for the audience at your next event. Your top-performing salesperson might be wonderful at closing deals with other purchasing managers and CEOs, but can they talk to an engineer?

Choose someone that will follow up with their leads

Does your business divide its sales people into different regions? If so, choose a rep that will deal with the area targeted during your trade show. Many reps are hesitant to ?waste time? at a trade show if they can?t follow up on the leads they generate.

Choose someone that?s more than just a lead generator ? a salesperson that?s going to play a role in the follow-up process. This way, they will have a greater incentive to perform at their best.

Choose someone that?s creative and adaptable

Not all sales calls can follow a script. Since trade shows attract a diverse audience of people, ranging from purchasing managers to CEOs, it?s important that your reps are able to quickly and easily modify their pitch on the spot.

Think about it ? you wouldn?t pitch the owner of a company like you would a mid-level executive. Being able to adapt while delivering the benefits of your product or service is an important skill, especially at a trade show.

Instead of choosing a by-the-book sales rep, choose someone that?s demonstrated an ability to adapt to their surroundings with ease. Creativity closes deals, especially in a fiercely competitive and fast-paced trade show environment.

Remember, it?s not just about a great sales team

There?s more to trade show success than just skilled sales reps. From presentation to location, a wide variety of factors can influence your marketing success or failure during your next trade show.

Make sure your exhibit sends the right impression. 

Peter Symonds is a trade show marketing expert from Display Wizard.

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