Christmas cheer or chore?

Being in the “keep it “ sector of Christmas-party throwers, we are busy just sorting out the final bits and pieces for our Christmas bash tomorrow night. 

For last few years, we have gone to a local venue that lays on dinners and disco nights for large numbers of different companies, where we have a private room for dinner and then join the rest in the hall thereafter. I say "we", though last year had such violent flu that slept through most of it and just took taxi there and back for last half hour or so to pick up astounding bill! The cost, including allowing free drinks all night to staff and partners, has always been enormous and it has always grated on me that it has got greeted by a combination of “Do we have to?" and "We would rather have the money” from the older ones, along with additional bills for damage or throwing up from the younger ones. With this in mind, we decided to let staff vote this year. Despite several more outlandish and extravagant choices, overall vote was a meal and a drink somewhere. Resultantly, we have laid on a meal (and free drinks) at local good Chinese plus option to bring and pay for partners. As soon as this was announced, feedback was vast sulking, large amounts of "Why are we not going to the normal place?" About one fifth are not coming and only one is paying out the £16 contribution for their partner to come, too. As if this attitude isn’t enough to depress me, it will be the first year my son will not be with us; quite apart from any sentimentality, he was a god send at that sort of do as a “walker”. It’s not the easiest thing, being an older, single lady out with a load of blokes from the shop floor, however nice and however fun they are. There is the drink issue, for one thing. Do you remain the sober, depressing one or get thoroughly pissed up with rest of them and not live down whatever you do the rest of year? Wouldn’t dare risk bringing any of my male friends as would be subjected to immense curiosity and questioning, so son has always been ideal answer! Ah well – will all be over shortly.

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