Ciclotte: The ultimate gift for middle-aged men in lycra

Ciclotte cycling
From Bradley Wiggins to Chris Froome, and the Tour de France to Olympic velodromes, cycling is a sporting discipline which has captured the public imagination and catapulted stars onto the small screen. Now, there’s the Ciclotte.

It?s a pastime that has fuelled massive growth for some businesses, including the like of Halfords at the entry level and Rapha at the top. Evans Cycles has encouraged thousands of UK workers to purchase bikes as part of a salary sacrifice shame, while Santander took over from Barclays as sponsors of the London cycle hire scheme.

Now, however, as part of the exclusive Real Business corporate gift guide, we bring you a piece of cycling equipment that brings a new dimension to luxury and quality.

The Ciclotte comes to the market as a ?mono wheel? ? described as ?conceived for urban mobility? and an ?expression of contemporary living?. Where work and relaxation, exercise and entertainment, come together (these are their words, not ours ? we promise), Ciclotte is made in Italy and is the first exercise bike to use an electro-magnetic resistance system with epicycloids transmission.

The Ciclotte fitness machine

If that?s a lot of mumbo jumbo for you, essentially, Ciclotte is a beautiful piece of engineering that deserves a place in the gym of any fitness aficionado.

Constructed out of carbon fibre, Ciclotte is an evolution of the original urban mobility monowheel (the Ciclo), which has been part of a permanent exhibit at the Italian Design Museum since 2007.

It takes a nice piece of design to keep us engaging with a fitness regime, but maybe the Ciclotte is the product to kick-start a New Years? health push and also serve as a defining piece of design to look at in the house.

And so to the price. If you want to ?buy now? on the product website you get directed to submit an enquiry via email. However, current market rates put the product between ?9,000 and ?10,000 ? right in the sweetspot of our gift list.

This article is part of our priciest corporate gift ? have a look at the full list here.

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