Cisco survey says British SMEs need to work harder on customer service

This fact, drawn from a Cisco survey of small business owners, is unsurprising. What is jaw-dropping is the negligent attitude of so many British firms to delivering great service.

Many still don’t have the right technology or approach to delivering great service. The same survey shows that only one in four uses web analytics to track customers. Why? And why does only one third use a CRM system? One in 20 uses no technology at all. I’d love to hear the justification.

Over 40 per cent have introduced no new scheme to improve customer service in the past year. Do they think they are perfect?

No wonder a mere 39 per cent think Britain as a nation is getting better at customer service.

With 1,000 senior decision makers in UK businesses with between five and 100 employees being questioned, the survey has strong credibility. And it proves that there is huge room for improvement.

Should you want to add some elbow grease to your own service, check out the Customer Kings report, featuring the eight winners and eight highly recommended firms. Each provides real insight into how to create a supreme customer experience.

And let me pull just one more theme from the survey. Three-quarters of SMEs believe the attitude of staff is the most important ingredient in delivering a personal service. And yet only half believe that miserable employees should be fired to safeguard service levels.

What about the other half. Why are they tolerating sub-standard attitudes? Surly staff deserve the boot.

Spineless and technophobic – that’s the image of British entrepreneurs projected by this survey. Thank goodness for role models like our Customer Kings, who provide a timely reminder that some firms are capable of delivering a world class customer experience.

There isn’t a business in Britain who couldn’t learn from them.

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