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“The empty vessel sinks into ignominy”: Who should replace Theresa May?

It is fascinating to see just how many people looking in on our Prime Minister’s Brexit performance are deeply puzzled about her.

Is she being fiendishly clever with EU, so is there something we have missed

Surely she can’t be as clumsy and clunky as she comes across to us mere bystanders” Has she mastered the situation?

Sadly the answers to the above three questions are no, yes, and no.

” Why” Because all becomes clear when we see what is staring us in the face, namely that Mrs May is a born administrator and not a leader.

Theresa May is a ‘back-room’ politician?

Administrators like to be a given a brief, which they can set about implementing. They invariably think in straight lines. Theirs is not to think laterally, enterprisingly, or think round the subject.

” Theirs is to deliver what they have been instructed to do. It is plain as a pikestaff that Ollie Robbins and his compatriots at the top of the Whitehall tree realised this when they were asked to turn their minds to Brexit back in 2016/7.

Accordingly, they duly constructed the now infamous Chequers Proposal and told the PM to get on with it.

Readers of the City Grump will know that for some time now I have dubbed our administrator Prime Minister “The Maybot?. As luck would have it a few days ago I was with an old friend who I discovered has a number of acquaintances that have worked with her over the years.

“The frightening thing is that each and every one of them describes the Maybot as an ’empty vessel’.”

” In other words we have, until now, entrusted someone totally devoid of any leadership ability to take us out of the European Union.

Accordingly it should not come as any surprise at all to any of us to see the Maybot, when confronted with the Brussels wall of intransigence, to come up with the limp can we have some more time please .

This utter farce, or more pugnaciously described by ex- Army Tory MP, Jonny Mercer, as a ‘shit-show?, must be ended immediately.

“Time has run out for our incapable Prime Minister. We must have as PM a born leader, but who?”

Yes there is Boris but he regularly shoots himself in the foot. Yes there is Michael Gove but he is too Machiavellian for his own good. Yes there is a David Davis but he probably doesn’t have the stamina/stomach for it.

So who should consign the Maybot to an historical footnote

“The answer has to be Sajid Javid. He is bright and business-like. When he arrived at the Home Office he summoned his various administrators and presented them with an action this day list.”

” He most definitely won’t be in awe of the Brussels and Whitehall machines. He has fought his way up the corporate and political trees.

Interestingly Fraser Nelson writing in the 19th October edition of the Telegraph said: At a recent Cabinet Meeting, Sajid Javid listed the options: if talks fail, he said, there can be an immediate stimulus. A chance to push through long-overdue changes and advertise Britain as a self-confident country, presenting itself anew to the world-with tax cuts to show it means business?.

“Those are the words of a true leader, not a Maybot.

I have heard it said by someone who knew him at Deutsche Bank that he lacks moral fibre.

This may well be so as it is not an attribute that is well known amongst investment bankers, lawyers and other City advisors but like the astute leader, he is I am sure he can exhibit moral fibre when he judges it politically correct to do so.

” Come on Tory MPs if you want to save yourselves from total humiliation, terminate the administrator and put in a real leader.



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