Clive Payne: from concept to launch. Part II

First, what is this wonder product?

Cortexblu is the vehicle for Payne’s fitness invention. A top-secret, brand new way to train and increase your fitness levels.

"How does 3752 press ups in one hour sound!?" asks Payne. "That’s what my friend Guiseppe Cusano completed. And, to make it even more impressive, he was 44 years of age at the time. To take him to this level of fitness takes dedication, proper diet and, more importantly, a training regime that takes a person from ‘ordinary’ to SUPERHUMAN!

"This is where I come in. Having personally trained in gyms for many years, I have learnt what ‘works’ and what people look for in training and fitness equipment. This knowledge has been invaluable in creating a product that not only looks fantastic but more importantly achieves results.

"Working in conjunction with Guiseppe I have modified and changed the product to incorporate his training requirements and body ergonomics. Blending this with my own methods of training, I soon had my first prototype, which I tested on family and friends."

Watch his second video diary, about the challenges of patenting his invention while haemorraging funds.

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