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Platform for sales teams is the world’s most popular cloud hosted sales management tool. And CloudSense is capitalising on that popularity with its mobile application built on the platform. Through CloudSenseTouch, an agent from a company sales team will be able to turn on his iPad in the morning, connect to WiFi, go to the app and login. He can download all the relevant information he will need for the coming day, including details on the customer he is set to see, the latest pricing on all products as well as seeing any updates from head office that he should be aware of.

When he leaves home, he doesn?t need internet access for the restof the day as all the information is stored on his device already. The company is in an early stage of development, but has recognised the potential of the firm, and augmented the funds raised privately by CloudSense with cash of its own. Next up: launching in 28 countries.

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