Commercial property: Viewing an office

Here’s a list of things to look out for when viewing a commercial property:

  • First impressions count ? ask yourself whether this commercial property is somewhere you would really like to work?
  • Will the space work for you? Is the image right for today and for your business moving forward?
  • Do reception and security personnel “meet and greet” visitors well or do they seem disinterested and ineffective?
  • Are the doors and windows of the commercial property properly secured from break-ins? Is there a shared alarm system or will you be able to install your own?
  • Will the space work for you? Ask for a floor plan of the commercial property or be prepared to sketch your own grid plan. Typically for office requirements allow eight-to-ten square metres per person.
  • What are the fixtures and fittings? If it?s an empty shell are there any rules about what you can do with the space?
This commercial property mini-series covers other a range of commercial property tips and tricks:

  • How to choose a commercial property space
  • How to search for commercial property
  • Understanding the costs and terms of the commercial property lease
  • Agreeing the commercial property deal
James Friedenthal is business development director at Workspace.

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