Communication the key to smooth business name change

Fuse PR was integrated into Racepoint in November 2006 and took on its name 11 months later. O’Connor says: “We always knew we were going to change the name, but we wanted to manage the change in a considered way.”

O’Connor made sure every relevant stakeholder became familiar with the new brand, the new set-up and the timelines that were involved. “I didn’t come in one day and say ‘that’s it, I’m changing the name’. We had a new website launch, we announced it to our trade media, and we spoke to all of our clients and staff."

The result was a smooth transition "because we planned it and thought about it and made sure we engaged everybody at the appropriate times”.

Racepoint employs 25 people in the UK and more than 100 people in the US. O’Connor is now managing director of European operations for the combined group.

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