Condoms: a swell business idea

This article is not for the faint-hearted. Brad Burton is taking the networking industry by the balls and ensuring that, even in their most private moments, his members have 4Networking on their brains.

Here’s the RB interview with the king of cutting edge marketing.What made you decide to use condoms in your marketing? They’re for our members… Business in the recession doesn’t have to be hard. At 4Networking we want people to have a good time in business and we’re making that happen. You have to stand up and be counted and this is our way of setting ourselves apart. One of them, anyway.

How many are you having printed? 10,000. Our members are doing it four times a week, so we’ll need plenty.

Where are you distributing them? I think I’ll just whip them out onto the table at our breakfast meetings.

What feedback have you had so far? They’re going down really well.

Where are they being manufactured? Were they surprised by your request?! I don’t think our suppliers are surprised by these things any more. A book called Get Off Your Arse, condoms… We like to do things differently.What other wacky ideas do you have up your sleeve? 4Fishnetworking stockings… 4Skin… Just joking. Seriously, there’s lots of stuff happening over the next few months, wacky and otherwise. People thought 4Networking was bonkers when we first started. Wait a few years… they’ll all be doing condoms and we’ll be setting another trend.

How’s the book going? Brilliant. We launched the first copies at Business North West last week and it’s been really well received, although the final edit won’t be along for another week or so. Maybe I should give free condoms with the book, in case it gets people in the mood?

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