Consider the Netherlands for overseas expansion

2e2 is an IT service provider. Eighty percent of its business is in the UK but the other 20 per cent is in The Netherlands, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Mann. Burt says: “When we set up this business, we had the opportunity for a very good team in Holland and we wanted to prove the model didn’t just work in the UK, but that it worked in international markets.

"We like working in Holland it’s a good country and we’re very proud of the Dutch business.”

The plan is to expand 2e2 into other countries but this IT entrepreneur insists it’s “not about flags in maps”. Burt adds: “We would go into another country if we saw it was a good entrepreneurial opportunity.” He says Sweden and Germany are options if the market improves.

Burt is no stranger to operating in a foreign market. “The previous business we had we started in one country and moved to 12. We’ve always worked outside the UK.”

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