Consumers demand social media interaction from brands

But new stats from content marketing firm Axonn Media suggest that social media accounts need to be checked regularly to avoid the ire of your customers. 

It found that more than three quarters of 1,000 people surveyed (78 per cent) said they would contact a brand through social media should they have a complaint.

Facebook was the most popular site to use, with 68 per cent of those polled having done so, followed by Twitter on 23 per cent. 

Of those who contacted brands via the channels, 98 per cent expected a reply, and 58 per cent expected this within a day. 

Nearly all of those asked (97 per cent) followed a brand on social media.

Alan Boyce, Managing Director of Axonn Media, said ?These people demand transparency, engagement and most importantly quick, effective responses to any complaint they have. If they feel let down they vote with their fingers and subsequently unfollow.?

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