Contact Group

Company name: 

Contact Group

What they do: 

Notification system for schools

Contact Group provides automatic notification systems to 2,000 schools. It has developed a range of mobile solutions which capture and disseminate important information quickly using email, SMS, automated phone calls, websites and apps. These solutions enable schools and local authorities to safeguard the welfare of children, to work more effectively and to cut costs.

Skipping school is now rather tougher with Truancy Call, a service which tackles student absenteeism in schools through automated phone calls and texts to parents if their kids don’t show up to school. The Contact Group product range also includes apps for parents and children to report bullying, to keep parents notified about school events and an app which enables local authorities to track extended holiday absence, ensuring pupils return to school promptly.

The company’s latest technology can be customised with the individual school’s branding and is offered to parents for free. The number of schools using the suite of products is testimony that not only  is it needed, but that it works too.

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