This content marketing entrepreneur made his way to seven figures in six months

Content marketing

(4) Make your audience the HERO

In a similar vein, you need to ensure you make the audience the hero of your story. People create successful followings because they?re able to tap into and address fundamental human emotions.

When you foster an ?underdog? mentality, you create an extremely powerful sense of togetherness that unites your tribe under one cause.

In Clark?s case, he built a massive following by harnessing the human drive for greater potential. ?You deserve to be the best you can be! And here?s how you can do it.?

Now, he may not have said this in such explicit terms, but his content marketing strategy was centred on helping people become better versions of themselves.

Creating punchy, effective content was merely the vessel by which his audience achieved this success.


Different is better than better. Being uniquely you is something that no one else can copy.

But here?s the real kicker: everyone is afraid to do that! The vast majority of us are biologically wired to ?fit in? and follow the crowd, whether we believe it or not.

The real struggle lies in overcoming your fear of being different. In fact, you need to relish the difference and use that to your advantage!

After all, your life view and personal experiences are totally unique to any other human being on the planet. Lean into this and you?ll exude a confidence and authenticity that people simply can?t resist.

(6) Reverse-engineer for success

Don?t focus on the money or financial returns straight away. Whether you?re an established business with a massive audience or just starting your first blog, it?s important to focus on building positive relationships first.

Just look at Clark. He went from virtually no income to six figures in one week! BUT ? he exercised incredible patience and knew when the time was right to strike.

When you start with the audience and the relationships first, you give yourself a much better opportunity for financial success further down the line.

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