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Hard facts smothered by spurious science and gullible, ghoulish mainstream media


Our resident political and financial commentator, The City Grump is back to discuss the Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

When it became clear some months ago that COVID-19 could spread rapidly and kill, no one can blame the politicians for taking drastic action, now commonly referred to as lockdown. But that was then and the progress of time means we are now in possession of hard facts. These are being ignored at great cost to one and all.

NHS England publishes daily and cumulative figures for the number of coronavirus hospital deaths. They are revealing to say the least. Here are the cumulative numbers up to the 5th May for those up to the age of 60 who had no pre-existing health conditions:

To summarise just 238 healthy individuals under 60 years of age have died of this virus, of which an infinitesimal 31 were under 40 years old. To give some context to this, in 2019 there were 1870 road deaths in the UK thus an average of 156 a month. On that basis should the Department of Transport insist our road network is closed down?

The inescapable fact of the matter is this virus is not, for all intents and purposes, life threatening to healthy under 60s and those who do get infected could suffer a nasty bedridden period but that’s all. And yet none of this has so far been factored into the Government’s lockdown exit rules.

Is the virus life threatening?

Instead we are all told that the Government is following the science, the R rate of infection is crucial. Mainstream media is blanket covered in exhortations to stay at home and journalists working therein are clearly only too happy to toe the line and spice up their stories with daily tales of death and individual heartache. And what is the result of that” Tens of millions of the under 60s have been left with the impression by irresponsible politicians, scientists and journalists that if they resume normal living they will be staring death in the face. What rubbish.

And the nonsense continues. To give but a few examples of where we are post Boris” Sunday sermon:”You can invite a friend to meet you in a park but you can’t meet him/her in your garden. Passengers arriving in the UK are facing 14 days of quarantine unless you are French or Irish because then you are special.

Scottish , Welsh and Northern Irish politicians amuse themselves by cocking a snook at Westminster. The Teachers” unions scream blue murder about schools resuming despite children not being at risk of dying as indeed is the case with teachers who have no pre-existing health conditions.

The chaos continues

The TUC solemnly declares the Government must lay down hard and fast guidelines for those returning to the workplace thus ignoring that various shops ,distribution centres and manufacturing facilities have in operating perfectly sensibly throughout.

Lawyers are licking their lips with the prospect of encouraging disgruntled employees to catch out their employers. The new, barrister trained, leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition contents himself with tutting about the lockdown procedures instead of challenging the lockdown status quo. Pathetic and disappointing.

The previous City Grump told Boris to get a grip. Well he hasn’t yet. The hard facts should be telling him by now, that the scientific advice is spurious and the mainstream media have wound themselves up into an unproductive ignorant hysteria. The evidence demands that lockdown ends now for healthy under 60s and all those with existing health complaints must continue to take precautions for the foreseeable future and, as even Boris says, use common sense.



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