Could you start and sell a business in 24 hours?

It’s wacky, silly and almost certainly an overblown publicity stunt for the companies involved but we don’t care. We love it. 

The team is made up of folk from London digital ad agency Nonsense and Oxford Web Development agency White October – plus a few of their geeky friends.

This madcap bunch of entrepreneurs will be going without sleep for the 24 hours (22 hours now) as they struggle to come up with a viable business, and build it, before selling the whole thing on eBay tomorrow. The listing has already been created, although the concept and business model is TBC.The latest bid stands at $1.25.

The whole process is being documented LIVE on where there are also hourly updates on the business’ development, a daily agenda and a spreadsheet tracking all startup costs incurred.

Finally, at midday on Friday 27th, the team will put down their pens and laptops and retire to a local Soho establishment to attend a hastily arranged launch party (details to appear on the website), complete with champagne, nibbles and hopefully some intrigued press in attendance!



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