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Bestselling author publishes free e-book to normalise COVID-safe business travel protocol

Covid-safe business travel tips from Martin Lindstrom

From handbags and in-flight socks to remote controls and clothes hangers, New York Times bestselling author and behavioural psychologist Martin Lindstrom shines a light on the pitfalls to avoid when travelling this new COVID-19 World.

Lindstrom’s new COVID-safe business travel tips e-book is titled “Travel Truth and Lies Unmasked , and features startling statistics on hygiene to normalise cautious travel.

The book provides those travelling in this COVID-19 era with handy tips on how to navigate the hidden pitfalls of international travel with confidence. Lindstrom shuns scaremongering in favour of a practical guide on how to navigate the patchwork quilt of contradictory international regulations, as well as the physical spaces through which we pass on our travels

As the global appetite for travel resumes, there is a huge demand for a trusted, independent source of information and advice relating to COVID-19 safety. As a regular globe-trotter, Lindstrom set out on a mission to discover the secrets of safe travelling, while telling some highly amusing if slightly toe-curling tales along the way.

Did you know that your airline seatbelt buckle, stash of in-flight magazines and safety card rarely feature on any airline’s sanitation protocol?

Likewise, in hotels, bathroom glasses, clothes hangers and remote controls are often found to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Meanwhile studies show that 20% of handbags and purses carry more bacteria than a toilet.

Socks are another danger zone: 20% of airline passengers visit the toilet without shoes, meaning our socks act as little sponges unwittingly transporting bacteria back to our seats, our hands (as we give our sore feet a little massage), faces, tray tables, window shadesthe list goes on.

Typically, the spots we perceive as most contaminated are often the most hygienic, simply due to the caution we exercise. And so it is in this vein that Lindstrom consults pilots, airlines, hotel chains on how to change our behaviour to make new hygienic routines ingrained habits, rather than daily inconveniences.

“The world of travel we once knew is no longer the same and like everyone I began to wonder, what is the reality of travelling these days” After quickly googling “Covid safety while flying” I discovered that it’s almost impossible to hunt down the truth,” Lindstrom said.

“So I set out to write a book that will equip people with some handy hints as they embark on their first travel adventure in our ?new normal” world. In these uncertain times, one thing is certain and that is, a consumer’s number one priority is their health and safety.

The book has been written in association with Intertek Protek’s subject matter experts. Protek is the world’s first health, safety and well-being assurance programme, and now offers services designed to provide businesses, employees, and consumers with the confidence they need to operate in the post-COVID-19 age.

Covid-safe business travel tips from Martin Lindstrom

About the author

Martin Lindstrom is an advisor to many of the world’s leading brands, regularly travelling between more than 30 countries. TIME Magazine has named Lindstrom one of the ?World’s 100 Most Influential People .

For five years running, Thinkers50, the world’s premier ranking resource of business icons, has selected him to be among the world’s top 50 business thinkers. Lindstrom is a high profile speaker and author of seven New York Times best-selling books, translated into 60 languages.



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