Cracking the US ecommerce market as a British retailer

(1) Meet the high expectations of US consumers

The first rule of international retailing is, in order to be successful, customers should be able to enjoy a consistent online experience, regardless of where they are in the world. They should have the same shopping experience they would expect from domestic retailers.

British retailers must offer US customers the same, high quality experience that they provide to their UK customers, tailoring the offering where needed to meet the high expectation of a US shopper.

(2) List product prices in the US dollar

According to our data, 99 per cent of US customers prefer to pay in US dollars. It is therefore vital that retailers make shopping on their website as easy as possible by converting prices into the local currency.

In addition, it?s also worth adding additional payment methods like PayPal and American Express, which are widely used by American shoppers.

(3) Offer multiple shipping options at competitive rates

To give US shoppers that added incentive to buy, retailers must offer greater choice and competitive prices. This is especially important in the US, where most retailers offer a range of economy, express and free shipping options. Retailers should ensure that they have the logistics in place to meet the needs of their digital customers.

(4) Offer a transparent and local returns option

An easy returns policy is part of the buying decision for over 60 per cent of US shoppers buying cross-border, and an efficient returns process will be crucial to develop brand reputation in the competitive US ecommerce market.

It is therefore essential to have a straightforward and transparent returns policy in place, so if something goes wrong, shoppers are reassured that they can easily return items to a local US address.

(5) Remove hidden import duties costs

US shoppers will not be comfortable paying import duties or shipping handling fees. To avoid this becoming a stumbling block, retailers should keep pricing simple by factoring the import duties, taxes and fees into the product price.Customers will appreciate that there are no nasty surprises at checkout, creating greater trust and better brand perception.

British retailers cannot afford to ignore the cross-border ecommerce opportunity. It is clear that improving the customer experience and catering to a more discerning shopper on a local level is the key for British retailers targeting US consumers.

However, delivering a localised shopping experience does not have to require huge investment into a dedicated US website, or lengthy negotiations with the local supply chain.

Instead, a specialist global partner can provide this seamless international experience and offer American customers the level of service that is necessary in the competitive US ecommerce market.

Nir Debbi is CMO and co-founder?at?Global-e

Image: Shutterstock

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