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Stop employees from jumping ship: Creating a successful engagement strategy

Stop employees from jumping ship: How to create a successful engagement strategy

Failing to do so will see employees jump ship toAnother company; even though the grass is not always greener.

Not?only is the happiness and mindset of employees important, but the way they perform under your guidance is also imperative.

Engaging with employees is arguably now more vital than ever. As an employer, it’s your role to engage with them on a personal level and make sure they understand that their workplace will create both an environment for results, but also a support network.

Now?that it is no longer the norm to stay in the same job or even industry for the entirety of working life, it is important for employers and managers to keep their employees engaged and fulfilled at work in order to reduce the risk of losing them.

Let’s?take a look at a few ways employers should be working to successfully engage with employees:

Hone in on your employees” strengths

In?order to improve your employee engagement approach, you need to hone in on their strengths and build them up. It’s easy to continually get great results but if you expect nothing less from your employees and don’t praise them for their hard work, they will soon burn out.

Helping them work to the best of their ability will show you’re invested in their success and career. When you show you’re invested, results will follow.

A?great way to help employees prosper is to keep track of their progress and monitor their success rate. This can be done by creating a personal development program where goals achieved and goals that they want to achieveAre mapped out and ticked off when completed.

It’s said that 51% of Americans aren?t engaged and the UK stats reflect the same lack of connection. It means they tend to aim for the bare minimum. If you’re in a position to lead or have a managerial role, it is your job to make sure they enjoy and take pride in their work.

Recruit”from within and watch your team prosper

RecruitingA team that are both happy with their roles and work well with one another is of utmost importance.

Rather?than having to attract new recruits externally and sourcing candidates from recruitment agencies, why not look toward your trusted employees who you’re currently hiring and interview them for the role They already know your systems, frameworks and understand the aim of the wider teams.

Recruiting”from within is a clever way to see employees prosper and shows that you have trust inthem. This, in turn, will also have a long-term impact on employee retention.

Although’some would argue that this isn’t a direct way to increase employee engagement, the business ramifications are astonishing. In fact, a recent survey has shown that?60% of workers who were promoted into jobs performed far better than employees hired externally into similar roles.

Developing your current employees can have a positive domino effect and boost team morale, and therefore productivity, too. Not to mention the fact that your employees are most likely a great cultural fit within the team already. There are fewer costs involved when hiring internally. You can repurpose the money saved into extra training sessions.

Work?perks create exceptional results

HR advocates swear by work perks and believe they are a common denominator when it comes to placing candidates into a company. However, what sort of perks?really?get employees feeling engaged at work?

Well, research into tech companies and the work perks on offer has revealed that many companies give a month’s sabbatical, in which the company encourages its employees to tick something off their bucket lists. Often,the only requirement is that they have to present what they spent their time doing on their sabbatical back to work.

Other?work perks include offering flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home: trusting your employees to arrive at work when they please and still get their?required work done, on time and to a high standard is a great way to show you appreciate their life outside work but also want to see them working hard.

If you give them your trust, share similar values and create a positive and healthy work environment, you will naturally reduce turnover rates, creating stability and drawing customers in: because in the eye of a customer, a stable and professional?business will create fast results.

If your employees are happy and this is visible to clients and customers, you will see an influx of sales.

It is vital to understand that employees are going to expect more in-depth engagement when it comes to work. So, you should think about asking your employees what they would expect from you in the near future:?days off to spend with family” Extra holiday” More funding for training” Be sure to scope this out so you’re prepared for the introduction of the next working generation.

If your employees are engaged, your customers and clientele will engage, too.

    David Lloyd is CEO of PostBeyond.


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