Creating the perfect working environment discussed by British tech startups

Below we have expertise from Bertie Stephens, CEO of Flubit. Flubit enables users to get a better offer for the products they want to buy online.

Once you recruit, pay the recruitment fees and spend six months training the new staff up, your focus shifts to ensuring that they stay, because losing them will lose you six months of work and money you cannot afford to lose – so creating a company culture, a benefits program and ensuring that the work is interesting to keep the most qualified staff in a city like London with some of the worlds best companies competing for the same talent becomes a priority.

At Flubit, we encourage the right balance of work and fun – we have weekly group-wide demos, monthly socials, bi-annual team days out, weve just introduced Summer hours giving our staff a couple of free hours a week to do something they enjoy, as well as a fun-filled office with a games centre, weekly football matches, pool tables, dartboards, etc etc.

Some of this stuff is the typical clich startup stuff (yes, we do have fake grass and a ping pong table!), but we find that enforcing a more relaxed atmosphere encourages creativity, team work and passion. The last thing we would want is for work to be a slog for our team, we want their enthusiasm and excitement to show in their output.

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Next we have insights from Avin Rabheru, founder of Housekeep. Housekeep provides professional home cleaning services that can be booked and paid for online.

As a startup, you want a team who come to work because they love what they do, rather than just for the salary. This requires a great work culture, where your people are excited about coming in to work every morning.

It’s not just about team nights out and socials, but also about setting clear targets that people can own and allowing them to gain experience and exposure that they couldn’t in larger companies.

“We’re also very open with our whole team about how the overall business is progressing, and it’s clearly rewarding for the whole team to see how their hard work is contributing to our rate of growth.

Finally we have intelligence from Heather Garrick, marketing director at LOVESPACE. LOVESPACE provides customers with removal, storage and delivery solutions that can be processed online.

Office space can be tight in start-ups, particularly rapidly growing ones, and this has the potential increase the stress for employees as their work space becomes increasingly infringed upon.

“We’ve found that employee retention is less about providing ping pong tables, and more about providing a comfortable and de-cluttered working environment that allows our staff to be both happy and productive.


Its clear from the insights from these tech startups that a great company culture isnt necessarily based around the design of your office, it’s centres around how you cater to your employees needs.

Kevin Buller is the chief executive at Lucas Blake. Lucas Blake specialises in the recruitment of sales professionals within the IT and telecommunications sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

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