Creative employees make more money for their company

In a survey of employees, 58 per cent of those who said their firms foster creativity had shown substantial growth in revenue (10 per cent from last year) – compared to 20 per cent of those that didn’t. 

Despite these results, only 11 per cent of firms said they did those things that Adobe recognised as making up a creative firm.

For example, rewarding creative risk-taking – even when it doesn’t provide returns, and putting your money where your mouth is: providing the tools needed for creative business practices. 

Of those who reported these creative-boosting practices, they were 1.5 times more likely to be market leaders over those who did not.

Creative firms also more likely to win awards as great places to work.

The report said: “Regardless of type of business or industry, survey results found that executives and business leaders should nurture, fund, and promote programs to increase creative capability, including early technology adoption, and encourage the creation of novel customer experiences that build bonds and increase brand loyalty.”

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