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What does creative energy mean?

What does creative energy mean?

Creativity is the spark that ignites innovation, great ideas and many entrepreneurial ventures but for many, finding creative energy is hard. 

In a world full of tasks, chores, and things that must be done, it can be hard to carve out a space in our minds for creativity to run free, and even harder for it to stick around once the initial passion has passed. 

How then can business leaders unlock their creative energy and use it to work towards their goals? Read on for simple ways to help creativity to come to the surface and the strategies that you can use to tap into this invaluable resource. 

What is creative energy?

Creative energy is a concept that can be difficult to define because it will mean different things to different people. For many, creative energy is the ability to come up with new ideas and move them through a thought process that results in tangible results.

This process requires a strong imagination and innovative tendencies to think of new and exciting ideas that haven’t been thought of before. Creative energy can also be used to inject a new direction into existing products/services/strategies for business success.

What is fair to say, is that creative energy isn’t something that can be learned, or gifted, it’s something within an individual that is likely to make them an asset to any team.

How do we use creative energy?

Creative energy can be used in all sorts of ways. It can be the injection of ideas needed to get new projects off the ground, it can be the power that keeps creative innovators working day-to-day in the search for brilliance and progress.

Authors for example need creative energy to write books, story lines and develop their characters. Whereas more structured professions like engineers can use creative energy to find solutions to complex engineering problems.

Creative energy isn’t something that’s limited to the arts, it is present in all walks of business life and can be harnessed both in and out of work. Hobbies such as art, music, dancing, interior design can all be a great way for creative energy to be released.

How can creative energy help us when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Most entrepreneurs will have been called creative and innovative at some point in their lives. They have an inane ability to take their ideas and turn them into something that works and solves problems for themselves and others.

Whether its a product, service, or idea – the creative energy harnessed by entrepreneurs has introduced so many benefits to the world. From smartphones, to the internet, to products that make our lives easier every day – these things all came from someone’s creative energy.

Creative energy can help to keep entrepreneurs inspired and moving forwards, particularly if plagued by self doubt and with the day-to-day stresses of businesses hampering creativity.

Working with a team of people with good creative energy means great marketing ideas, a constant flow of feedback, good levels of motivation, positive attitudes, and general excitement surrounding the brand. Do you see why creative energy is so vital in business?

What are some ways in which we can stimulate creative energy?

Although creative energy is likely to be something within someone and not something that can be created, those with a tendency for creative energy can effectively put themselves in situations that are likely to help release the creativity.

Creative people will generally have certain moods or situations that help them to get their creative juices flowing. For some this could be peace and quiet, others might need relaxing music, others may feel great ideas coming during meditation, whereas others can be inspired by being around like minded people.

Creative energy may come to you in:

  • Brainstorming sessions designed to share and spark ideas
  • Relaxing activities that let the brain be free for a while such as drawing and painting.
  • Seminars and workshops by inspiration speakers
  • Spending time away from tech
  • Getting back to nature with walks and exercise
  • Resting – a key part in letting your brain come up with new ideas is making sure that it’s rested enough to do so!

Whether you’re someone that can only think in a quiet, clean and tidy space, or someone who thrives in chaos of ideas being thrown around, setting yourself up in an environment to success is key for being able to stimulate creative energy when you need it.

There is of course the chance that creativity will come to you when you least expect it, so don’t worry too much if you don’t get a rush of great ideas when you want them.

The Role Of Creativity In Innovation And Entrepreneurship

In the business world, there are plenty of examples of game changing innovations that have risen from creative thinking.

  • Apple’s IPhone was the product of Steve Jobs and his team at Apple. He changed the mobile phone industry with the sleek designs, powerful systems and touchscreen interfaces that we take for granted today.
  • Airbnb spotted the opportunity in sharing spaces to create a huge global platform where travellers can find accommodation outside of traditional hotels.
  • Elon Musk is always listed on success lists and his vision for sustainable travel led to impressive strides in electric cars through Tesla.

It’s fair to say then that individuals and companies that can foster creativity within their workforce, can gain significant advantage over their competitors. Creative types are more likely to come up with innovative solutions, find new ways of doing things and in turn open up new opportunities for revenue.

By harnessing this way of working, businesses can unleash the power of creative minds across their organisations. Business leaders should consider ways that they can encourage risk taking, promote diversity and collaboration, provide the resources and time needed for creativity to flow, and celebrate creativity done well.


Unlocking the full potential of creative energy can be a tumultuous journey of self discovery and experimentation. By creating an environment that helps to foster creativity, surrounding ourselves with inspiring individuals and looking for creative opportunities with curiosity, we’re much more likely to be able to find and harness creative energy.

Creativity is something that can be tapped into and embraced, and is certainly an asset for entrepreneurs and personal growth.


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