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What does creative energy mean?

What does creative energy mean?
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Creative energy is one of the biggest driving forces behind successful entrepreneurs and is a huge point of discussion among creatives and business people alike.

But this elusive force can be tricky to induce and even harder to maintain. Sometimes the mundanity of everyday life, and the pressure put on us to succeed, can suck the creativity out of a project that you were once extremely passionate about.

So, how do we cultivate creative energy and use it to help us achieve our goals?

What is creative energy?

The term ‘creative energy’ is quite enigmatic and is difficult to put your finger on as it is a term that means different things to different people. Creative work, such as coming up with interesting ideas and concepts, requires more than just time and dedication. An element of creative energy is needed to propel the creative thought processes.

Imagination and innovation are two key components of creative energy and creative thinking. Creative energy is not an external force that can be captured. It is highly individualised and comes from within.

How do we use creative energy?

There are thousands of uses for creative energy, and each person will find different uses for their own creative energy flows that are helpful to their life. Authors make use of creative energy to write books and come up with unique characters and story plots. Engineers may use creative energy to come up with concept solutions to certain engineering issues. Interior designers make use of creative energy when coming up with colour palettes and designing home aesthetics. No matter what your profession, there is some sort of way in which you can harness creative energy to benefit you in the workplace and help you become more innovative and creative in your work.

Creative energy is also obviously used outside of the workplace when people make use of creativity in hobbies such as art, music, gardening, dancing, writing poetry etc. Sharing creative energy can be a great way to connect with people and make new friends. Many people also make use of reactive energy on their personal, spiritual journeys.

The uses of creative energy are truly endless, and the better you get at understanding this energy, the more successfully you can implement it into different areas of your life.

How can creative energy help us when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs, in general, are known for being highly creative and innovative people, and creative energy and flow can offer incredible benefits in the world of entrepreneurship. Not only will creative energy be incredibly useful when it comes to thinking up innovative business ideas, but it will also help entrepreneurs with finding unique solutions to problems when navigating the business world.

Having creative energy keeps entrepreneurs inspired and motivated when it comes to putting time and energy into a business idea. Creative energy and motivation are often very closely linked, and as any entrepreneur could tell you, maintaining motivation can be incredibly difficult. Having a consistent stream of creative energy surrounding your business can be a massive asset when it comes to keeping things running and maintaining an air of excitement and intrigue around your business.

As an entrepreneur, it can be very easy to start doubting your business ideas and let the fear of failure creep in. Creative energy is a very positive force and has the power to neutralise negative thought patterns.

Working with a team of people with good creative energy means great marketing ideas, a constant flow of feedback, good levels of motivation, positive attitudes, and general excitement surrounding the brand. Do you see why creative energy is so vital in business?

What are some ways in which we can stimulate creative energy?

Creative energy is a highly personal concept, and the ways in which creative energy can be stimulated will look different for each individual. Certain people are just naturally more creative than others and have their own creative routines that work for them.

Some ways in which you can perhaps get your creative energy flowing include:

  • Journaling and brainstorming
  • Arty activities such as drawing, painting etc
  • Attending inspirational seminars and workshops
  • Spending some time away from technology
  • Spending time in nature
  • Going for walks and regular exercise
  • Getting enough rest and look after yourself so that you have enough energy to put into creative thinking

Many people require an environment that is neat, tidy, and clear from distraction in order to get the most out of their creative energy. That being said, there are also plenty of people that work well in a messy, chaotic environment and feel that it is better for the flow of ideas. Some experimentation may be required to find which best works for you.

If you don’t take to creativity naturally, don’t beat yourself up about it. Give yourself time to find your groove and develop a creative flow in a way that works for you. We all have the power and the potential to be creative!

How to use creative energy to the fullest

Waves of creative energy can come about when you least expect it, so how do you make the most of creative energy when you are feeling inspired

This may seem like a very simple solution but ensure that you carry a notebook with you and keep one next to your bed so that you can write down creative thoughts and ideas when they come to you unexpectedly. Some of the most brilliant ideas have first shown themselves in the form of dreams, so don’t laugh this off! Notebooks and pens are preferable to a cell phone as phones can be distracting and technology has the occasional habit of failing us at the most inopportune times.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be creative and come up with creative concepts. Pressure can create creative blocks and suck the fun out of the creative process. The more you enjoy being creative and using your creative energy, the more successful your creative ideas are likely to be.

Surround yourself with other creative people and feed off of each other’s creative energy. This will help create a creative energy flow that may help you feel more regularly inspired!



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