Creative industries: government launches action plan

So the government has launched an action plan to boost the UK’s creative industries. We are to have, apparently, a global creative business conference. And nothing less than global leadership in the creative field will do, apparently. Children are to be packed off on cultural trips. Regional creative "beacons" (??!) will be established. Apprenticeships are to be launched and the government is making no fewer  than 26 commitments to the creative industries in a bid to make Britain the world’s premier creative (wait for it, you knew it was coming) "hub".

Curbing my temptation to jump out of the window, it would be interesting to glean the comments of real businesspeople in the creative industries. Is a national, government-supported plan a good idea? Will a creative business conference serve any purpose? Moderately seriously, is such a plan obligatory if the UK is to make a genuine shift towards a modern, high-margin, knowledge-based economy?

All comments gratefully received.

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