Crozier steps into new top job

Crozier, whose reputation is now sealed as a man who likes a challenge, has just been appointed the chief executive of struggling broadcaster ITV, according to reports in the press.

Crozier is perhaps most famous for being on the board that appointed England’s so-so football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, but a close second is his ruthless (some would say) cuts in Royal Mail which pushed the business to profitability.

Archie Norman, the ITV chairman who is himself a newbie at the business, brushed off concerns about the fact that Crozier has no experience in broadcasting, explaining he was “exactly right to lead the transformation”. Gulp.

It could mean a mixed blessing for the commercial broadcaster. Its new chief’s track record suggests that cuts, including to headcount, will be high on the agenda, but that equally medium-term profitability is on the cards.

According to the Independent, Crozier was appointed after extensive background checks and with the backing of 15 (count ‘em) referees. After all that Norman declared he was “by far the best candidate”.  

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