Crystal Palace FC embraces cloud technology to push strategies to players

The move follows Manchester City FC’s decision to welcome innovators with ideas on how to blend sport and technology. According to MCFC’s head of insights, it is “constantly looking for ways to introduce new and innovative ideas across all aspects of the club”.

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace FC’s way of blending sport and technology comes in the form of a private cloud-based sharing app called Pushfor.

With it, players are able to confidentially receive content to support their performances. Video, for example, is usually sent out before and after the game to help them stay aware of opposition tactics and behaviours.

Performance analysts at Crystal Palace have full control over content distribution and analytics make it clear if and when team members have viewed it. Elsewhere, for additional security, analysts can also recall content and set limits on the number of times it can be viewed, even adding an expiration time on it – not entirely unlike Snapchat.

“Pushfor has become a fail-safe tool for us and a vital part of our working week,” said Liam Sweeting, senior performance analyst at Crystal Palace FC. “Players are using Pushfor in their own unique way, to suit their individual needs; some are known to watch videos in the comfort of their home, while others use it right before a match.”

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Prior to using Pushfor, the club’s analysts relied on providing details to players during set meetings, while they provided strategy DVDs to take home. Since Alan Pardew became manager in January, the team beat Manchester City 2-1 and Sunderland 4-1, and use of Pushfor looks to keep the success level up when the next season begins.

“Football is becoming smarter and data performance analysis has paved the way for a statistics-driven approach to most areas of sports. The way players receive information must match this revolution,” added John Safa, co-founder of Pushfor.

“Pushfor helps Crystal Palace provide the right content to the right players at the right time, allowing them to focus on their improvements in private.”

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