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Customer from hell

Made it through to Friday! Other bonus is that old Right Hand has had all-clear from doctor from swine flu and is thus here to help with overload of work.

Incidentally, has anyone else come across this extraordinary system that the NHS has come up with – whereby you are banned from going near a doctor if you think you have swine flu but that you must go to one when you think you are getting better before releasing yourself on the general public Just how many people are infecting each other by trying for the all-clear before they are ready?   Anyway, my gain. Will be brilliant to have help – might give him particular customer who has now rung at least twice daily for weeks. The customer in question received and signed for a load of good-quality furniture back in spring, which they have now moved to a different address. Currently claim one piece is missing and that some were sub-quality. We went and inspected, agreed one was sub-quality – other four had been bashed to hell and back. No idea what they have done with missing piece, strangely enough. We have offered – on goodwill and because of one piece sub-quality furniture – to repair all damaged pieces and charge half price for replacement lost piece.    I would have thought moderately good and fair deal. On contrary, apparently we are supposed to provide rental furniture for unlimited time (which no doubt would have been bashed up or lost) and then give money back. Staff that are not co-operating are there to be abused on telephone. Hmmm, interesting concept!



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