Customer service: The four great myths

Staff can become demoralised and disheartened when they are undermined by a senior person to appease a dissatisfied customer. If an organisation does back down, for sound business reasons, staff need to know the reasons for this and be given clear guidelines should the situation arise in the future.

Myth 4: Customer service is just common sense

What can seem like common sense to one person can appear to be rocket science to another. Delivering great service seems to come naturally to some people but is alien to others.

Some people possess great interpersonal skills giving them the ability to empathise with and understand other people. This skill is crucial in dealing with customers and explains to some extent why some people find handling customers easier than others.

Lacking the necessary interpersonal skills, coupled with some peoples lack of self-awareness explains why common sense is rarely common practice for some individuals.

By avoiding these four common myths of customer service and by developing a customer service culture throughout the whole organisation customers will be satisfied and business will flourish.

Paul McGee is founder of The Sumo Guy.

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