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99designs If you need to design a website logo, a Twitter background or advertising material, try 99designs. You pay $39 to post your brief on the site. Next, you set your budget and designers from around the globe (50,268 are currently registered on the site) submit their ideas to compete for the work. Online retailer Jamie Murray-Wells, the youngest ever person to be awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, says he used 99designs for the early Glasses Direct adverts. “For young companies on a budget that want to advertise creatively, it’s ideal,” he says. Check it out:

ContractStoreKnown as the “Ikea of law”, this website was set up in 2001 by City solicitor Giles Dixon. Today, there’s an online catalogue of more than 200 contracts, ranging from franchise agreements to short-term leases for workshops. Jenna Gould says she used the website when setting up her marketing and media agency Media Jems in 2006. “ContractStore’s new business pack, which includes a confidentiality agreement, employment contract and terms of business, cost me £49. That would have set me back more than £500 on the high street,” she says. Check it out:

Companycashback.comThis cashback site was launched by Microsoft and founder Emmett Kilduff earlier this year. Listed retailers, including Dell, Hertz, Microsoft, PC World, Viking Direct and Virgin Atlantic, pay Companycashback a referral fee for every sale made via the site. Instead of keeping it all, Companycashback shares a chunk of it with the customer. It’s free to sign up. Check it out:

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