Cutting edge technology increases sales by ?1m

Gloucester-based Recipero is in the theft prevention business. Its database churns away logging every single registered lost or stolen handset that comes through the police, insurance firms or the mobile networks. For £2.99, consumers can then check that their second hand gadgets are above board.

But now founder Adrian Portlock is trying his hand at something slightly different. “We’re rolling out a real-time handset blocking service across the ASEAN countries,” explains Portlock. “The Malaysian government want to crack down on mobile theft, and at the moment, while SIM cards can be blocked instantly, blocking the handset can take up to a week.”

“The thieves don’t steal the phones to make calls,” he continues. “They steal them to sell on. This blocking technology will tie up the black market for mobile phones. Our turnover will double next year off the back of this contract.”

The £1.3m turnover firm will see an additional £1m in revenues from the technology. Portlock also plans to bring the concept back to the UK, so the money’s going to keep pouring in.

“No one else is doing this,” says Portlock. “And it would take years for anyone else to catch up.”

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