Cyber Santa Claus infographic: Will Stanta replace Christmas magic with $227bn technology?

In this infographic,?Santa has his very own SantaNet, powered by Transcranial Pulsed Ultrasound devices worn by all of the world?s children and attached to millions of computers on an Artificial Neural Network. This is supposed to store data in order to create?a Naughtiness database.

At the heart of SantaNet is supercomputer Christmas Cruncher, which is capable of 33 quadrillions of calculations per second.

Instead of Rudolph and his gang of reindeer, ?what if Santa were given a distribution network powered by Amazon delivery drones and Hyperloops?

And what about the elves? In order to help them manufacture just the right gift for the right child, Sanat could give them exoskeletons that multiply their gift-making magic many times over, plus self-heating roads crisscrossing the Polar Toy Hub so they don?t slip and slide while moving their precious cargo.

All these and more can be seen in the infographic below.

Prepare to be amazed!

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