Danny Alexander: ?British businesses are the backbone of our economy?

Real Business is delighted to confirm that Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander will be speaking at this year’s Growing Business Awards on the latest intelligence on the economic recovery, and the role that growing businesses will play in securing that recovery and creating jobs.

In June 2013, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, delivered a speech on investing in Britain’s future, stating that ?the British economy can succeed in the global race by creating balanced growth and delivering prosperity. It is clear that the British economy is moving from rescue to recovery. We are making good progress. The deficit is down and jobs are up. Past governments ? of every colour ? have prioritised short-term convenience over the long-term national interest. We are now looking to shift the government’s policy horizon to match the modern economy’s horizon.?

In the same speech, Alexander outlined what is said to be the most comprehensive ambitious and long-lasting capital investment plans this country has ever known. Among many, ??25m will be invested in the best digital equipment for our police, ?100m will be invested in a new prison in North Wales, and more than ?200m is being invested over three years to increase the digitisation of HMRC’s customer services ? a move that will save over ?50m every year in administrative costs.?

After his long campaign to make a difference for businesses who are “the backbone of our economy”, who better than the champion of economic growth to attend the Growing Business Awards, which showcases numerous companies and entrepreneurs from various sectors that have, despite the odds, driven economic growth.

It’s not too late to book your table?for the evening, taking place on October 23rd at the London Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square. We’ll be announcing the winners of our 15th annual Growing Business Awards and it?promises to be another epic night!

See the full shortlists here.

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