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David Martell

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Name: David Martell

Age: 63

Company: Chargemaster

Turnover: £6.5m 

First job: Company accountant for a London luxury-car distributor. Great for taking an exotic car home for the weekend!

Dream job: Team principal for an F1 racing team, for example Christian Horner or Martin Whitmarsh.

Car: Nissan LEAF

Economy, business or first class: Business class – I need to sleep.

Most extravagant purchase: 130ft motor yacht, £2.5m.

Most played song on iPod: Diana Krall’s Cry me a river.

Best business book: Steve Jobs’ biography.

Worst business moment: When I started Trafficmaster and discovered that VCs don’t always stand by you.

Business mentor: I try to do my own thing.

Next big thing: Being able to travel long distance without going through airports.

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