Dayglo brochures and irritating customers

As always, the main thing on my mind is marketing. I must make sure all angles are covered, both in terms of style and finish, price and content. This is pretty tough, especially when most of our ideas are still half baked.

The day starts well, selecting colours for the brochure based on our best-selling products. I present these to our designer who comes back with a mock-up: the rich purple and dusky terracotta I had selected has been converted into something that would be dayglo in the darkest night. I feebly hope it is my computer playing games.

I then plough through endless chair brochures from our Italian supplier and exchange multiple emails with them. Every frame I select has a minimum order of several thousand or is about to be discontinued.

I finally snap when an old customer changes their mind on an existing order and my employees decide to bombard me with a ridiculous amount of phone calls and emails.

It’s not quite the restful day I had in mind.

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