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Deal of the week: free electricity

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So what’s the catch? There isn’t one, says Lee Summers, director of EOS. The company has managed to acquire funding of £20m to install a PV system for those that would otherwise not be able to afford one. 

Rooftop arrays capable of generating solar power for homes and small buildings normally cost in the region of £15,000.

The company’s new scheme allows the customer to benefit from free fitting, maintenance and insurance of the roof-top system, with the occupant receiving all electricity that the system generates free of charge for the 25 year period of operation, as well as a roof rental, where suitable yields can be obtained. 

During the 25 year period, the panels themselves will be owned by a green funding company, who will recoup their investment through payments generated from the feed in tariff. After the 25 year period, the panels will become the full property of the customer. It’s a pretty good deal, we reckon.

“We are merely trying to help people that can’t afford a solar system to protect themselves from the anticipated increases in electricity prices, and, of course, to encourage the use of renewable energy,” explains Summers.

EOS will assess all applications for the free rooftop arrays to make sure the premises are suitable.

Says Summers: “Not only are we generating clean energy and saving people a great deal of money, but we are expanding our workforce, providing at least 50 more jobs, in order to cope with demand.”

For more information, check out the EOS website.

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