Debunking five common SEO myths small businesses may be following

Myth three: Mobile sites don’t affect overall SEO

This is dangerous thinking in 2016 because making sure a website is mobile friendly must be a top priority for all small businesses. 

In April 2015 Google rolled out an update that was referred to by many as “Mobilegeddon”. This update involved rewarding sites that had a mobile-friendly version, and subsequently penalised websites that weren’t mobile-friendly.

Certain aspects such as font size or links being placed too close together can have an impact on the mobile version of a website. If the site isn’t considered to be mobile friendly, the business could see a significant drop in search engine rankings.

You can test your site here to see if Google considers it to be mobile-friendly.

Myth four: I did SEO once – I don’t need to worry about it anymore

As mentioned before, SEO is always changing, so business owners should not think that a strategy that was effective six months ago means they don’t need to worry about SEO today. SEO practices are always evolving and it’s important to try and keep up with updates. 

Google is constantly evolving its search algorithm to deliver the best search engine service possible. It is therefore important to keep up with the latest SEO practices!

Myth five: I need to learn the “tricks” of SEO to outsmart Google.

Instead of trying to outsmart Google, shoot for better content that’s targeted at your audience. This will get you noticed by Google far sooner than a tweak to the site’s code, so focus on creating quality content relevant to their audience. 

You should think about the keywords that potential visitors might use to find your website and create content around those words. 

Add links to social media, create blogs and upload videos that might be useful to your visitors. Link out to quality content on other sites that may also be useful to a visitor.

It’s these kinds of simple steps that will get you noticed by search engines.

Earlier this month, we revealed the five-step beginner’s guide for SMEs to start mastering SEO, which should be a cornerstone of any company’s online business strategy.

John Morris is the CEO of web specialist UK2 Group

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