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Depressing days and Dave’s Big Idea.

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The festive period is over, most of us are back at work, Christmas has made us all poor and we’re in danger of becoming poorer thanks to the recession which (ooh what a surprise) is still here. (Was it just me who hoped that it would disappear with 2008?) Winter is also kicking in and summer is still oh-so-far away (unless you’re in Australia. Note to my friends and family in Oz: no more phone calls, emails or Facebook statuses telling me how hot it is over there. OK?)

It’s enough to drive a person to chocolate or tears or… rage One psychologist reckons screaming, shouting, ranting and raving our way through today might be the way forward.

Psychologist Judi James tells the Telegraph: "Releasing tension through shouting and screaming is a really beneficial way to expel the negative energies caused by stress.”

On ya, Judi. I love a woman who advocates a good, old-fashioned shriek. (Although, will bellowing in the office make today easier to deal with” Or will that inspire more stress” I wonder…)

Judi doesn’t, however, advocate violence. Which is what David Cameron has occasionally been tempted to resort to when it comes to Gordon Brown.

Dave’s had a big day. He’s treated us to a big policy speech on the economy, telling us we need to “save, save, save” not “spend, spend, spend”. The Tory leader says a Conservative government would “abolish income tax on savings for basic-rate taxpayers and raise the tax allowance for pensioners by £2,000”. Reducing government spending would fund the initiative.

But earlier in the day, Dave told Radio 4’s Today programme he feels like "shaking the Prime Minister sometimes" over his handling of the economy.

Tut, tut, Dave. What would your mother say?

I’ll tell you what some of the commentators have had to say about his Big Saving Idea: the Institute for Fiscal Studies believes it’s going to do jack for economic growth (not the institute’s actual words, funnily enough).

And incidentally, Dave, I am all for save, save, saving but am finding it bloody difficult to keep motivated to do so with my bank [HS *cough*BC] gleefully reducing my savings rate the moment the Bank of England takes interest rates down a notch or two. (Is anyone else’s bank doing the same I’m planning to move my money elsewhere).

It’s maddening that not only are the banks screwing:

a) businesses by not lending to them despite everyone from the government to my grandmother urging them to do so;b) mortgage holders by not passing on the interest rate cuts;

But they’re persecuting the savers as well. Insane!


That little rant made me feel a little better.

Judi was right!

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