Did Darling deliver?

Unfortunately, he failed.

We wanted to hear about the £12.5m he’s investing in a venture-capital fund that will back women-owned businesses. We wanted to hear about capital gains tax, non-doms and the entrepreneurial climate in the UK.

How disappointed we were.

Instead we heard how he gave up his job as a solicitor 30 years ago to enter the world of politics (anyone could have got that from reading his biography) because he wanted to make a difference.

“The reason why people don’t turn the gem of an idea into a commercial business is because they lack confidence and self-assurance.”

"But politicians can make a real difference.”

He then repeated the fact that politicians can make a difference five more times.

We believe you, Mr Darling, really we do. But next time, can we please have some solid examples of what you are actually doing to make a difference?

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