Do business blogs work?

But our motives for blogging (glory, truth, perhaps revenge) are slightly different to that of an entrepreneur running his or her own business.

These days, small business owners are encouraged by just about everyone to get blogging. Those "in the know" say blogging is a good way to connect with clients, promote your wares and get your business known through a different arena.

There are even blogs on blogs, which offer advice on what to write about, how frequently to put finger to keyboard, and tips on achieving your blogging goals.

Entrepreneurs are told to get others to blog about them (positively, of course). The message is: harness the blogosphere and watch your sales increase.

There’s certainly merit in that. An article in a recent issue of Newsweek reported that some of the largest Japanese companies, such as Nissan, are establishing strong links with bloggers as a way of creating "online buzz" about their product.

I applaud all of this. It really is a great idea for business owners to look at new ways to promote their livelihood and there’s no doubt "online" is the way of the future.

But how many real-life UK entrepreneurs (not just the super-famous ones) regularly blog? I suspect not as many as in the US, which wouldn’t be surprising given most tech trends start Stateside.

That will likely change. But just how successful is business blogging? Tell me, UK entrepreneurs, do you think the outcome is worth the effort?

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