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Do you have a Game Changer in your business

There are two truisms about change: it’s inevitable and it’s unavoidable.

The current pace and scope of this change facing UK businesses is faster than at any time since the industrial revolution; the digital revolution has impacted everything, from retail and media to professional services and manufacturing, and far from slowing down, it is speeding up.

For the 5.1 million small and medium enterprises that are the engine of growth of the UK economy this need not be a bad thing. Disruptive though it is, the UK economy has a better track record than most industrialised nations of embracing change.

Over the course of history, the UK has led the world in the shift from agriculture to manufacturing to service and knowledge based economies. Reinvention is something the UK does well for this to continue we need to identify our Game Changers and allow them to flourish.

To be successful over the coming decades UK businesses are going to have to embrace this game-changing characteristic, and reshape talent management as we know it, in order to thrive and survive. Its these rare, game-changing individuals who, with their obsessive imagination, will disrupt the status quo and create a new, more successful, way of doing things.

While this true game-changing talent is rare, the reality is that there are many Game Changers who are sitting dormant within the army of 15 million people employed by SMEs in this country. They are unable to fulfill their game-changing potential because the culture does not allow them to. Business leaders need to learn how to work differently to free up these catalysts of change.

Research has shown time and time again that the greatest catalysts for realising business change are people with a certain set of personal and professional characteristics. These individuals are the people who have the ability to completely upend the way a particular team, organisation, market or industry operates.

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