Do you know what device is accessing your network?

Mobile security costs UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over ?66bn a year due to compromised credentials and stolen phones, according to SolarWinds research. The study, looking into mobile security challenges faced by UK IT decision makers, found that SMEs dedicate six hours a week to managing and monitoring mobile devices ? which equates to 17 per cent of an IT manager?s working hours. 

But it doesn’t seem to be enough! Responding reactively to mobile security threats was found to cost SMEs more time and money than those that proactively mitigated the threat; over ?3,000 more per year, and two additional IT support working hours.

Over half of companies claim that their corporate network has already been compromised by an unsecure personal device, with 69 per cent agreeing that mobile posed the biggest risk to network security.

Critically, the key challenges associated with effectively managing and securing mobile devices were the inability to rapidly identify, quantify, and mitigate threats, and visibility of rogue devices in the network.

Joel Dolisy, CTO and CIO of SolarWinds, said: ?The fact that UK SMEs are spending ?66bn on mobile security yet still have difficulty knowing what devices are accessing their network is a serious concern, especially as the number of mobile devices is increasing exponentially. Failure to provide adequate security not only results in loss of reputation and revenue through lost business, but also has growing legal ramifications. 

?In our experience, SMEs tells us they?re keen to proactively address growing mobile security threats but don?t have the resources to fully control network access. Put simply, they need a straightforward solution to regain control of their network.?

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