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I dont know about you but spending 750 days on a train during my career is not desirable whether the Wi-Fi works properly or not

It hurts the work-life balance and all for little because the quality of work achieved (if any) in that period is never as good as the office. That much is true the question is does it matter where that office is

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Flexible working is an issue that will have to be taken more and more seriously over the next couple of decades. Many factors contribute to this debate from cost of housing forcing people to live further from city centres; population density causing an ever-worsening commuting experience; the need to offer family friendly conditions to cater for child care; and the 24/7 business world we now live in that doesnt respect time zones or national holidays.

Frankly it is a no brainer, so long as broadband is in place you can operate as well as in the office and with coded intranet access you can access files and databases as if you were there. In fact, for some jobs it can be a better environment with fewer distractions.

Companies will eventually have to get on-board and will then begin to reap the benefits via improved productivity and staff-retention.

Maximising your working day

Most reasonable bosses will agree that they are in search of maximum efficiency of work as opposed to hours put in productivity is of course a current concern in the UK. In other words, an employee should be judged on the amount of successfully completed work against targets rather than overtime hours put in.

Indeed, flexibility of hours could and should be offered where people are successfully ahead of targets clocking in and clocking out means nothing if the person is not fully engaged while they are at work, stimulated and energised to perform at his or her maximum potential.

It is clear to me that an environment of flexible working will help to achieve this drive as well as to better balance work and home responsibilities for all involved a win: win!

Andrew Low, who has 26 years in the Agri-business sector,is managing director of JE InvestAnd the ownerof

According to Low, there are many valid definitions of professional behaviour but one thing is for sure you know it when you see it!




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