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Doing business unconventionally means the Juice Master neednt work again

To look at Vales position today, as a man who has sold over four million books, youd never know the struggles he encountered on the way up. However, he once lived in a squat and struggled to feed himself.

Today though, under the alias of Juice Master, Vale has created a lifestyle operation that incorporates nutrition, getaways, book publishing and more, while generating a client base that includes the likes of McFly, Alesha Dixon, Beverly Knight, stars of Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea and more.

Find out about his journey as he reveals all in the latest of our Business Class profiles.

(1) Were you born into wealth or has your success been self-made

Totally self-made. I grew up in Peckham, south east London, long before it was considered up and coming . I was unemployed and lived in a squat at one stage on the North Peckham Council Estate. To put this in perspective, I once found 1 whilst cleaning and it meant I could by some food that day.

(2) How much did your first job pay

I worked in my uncles butcher shop and was paid 8 a day.

(3) You have achieved business success with lifestyle, which has opened wider doors into nutrition, book publishing, training courses, retreats and more. Which area is the most lucrative for you, and what excites you most about what you do

As corny as it may sound, my focus is on the love of what I do first and money is second. If you focus on money as your driver, very rarely will you experience genuine wealth.

I consider genuine wealth to be making a difference to others whilst you are on this planet, whilst keeping your feet on the ground if you are lucky enough to gain some financial wealth. I love what I do and although I dont ever have to work again, I want to.

This is why I made the health documentary Super Juice Me, which cost a fortune to make, but I made it free for everyone to watch. Making a genuine difference is what drives me more than anything else.

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(4) Youve sold millions of books and had hundreds of thousands of app downloads to consumers, some of which include celebrities. How did you win them as customers and who would you name as the loyal brand followers

We have never advertised our retreats, not even with AdWords. It is all word of mouth and it’s the same with my books/apps and juice delivery business. I created the juice cleanse and theres an honesty behind what I do, there are now thousands of juice people who do juice plans but I was the first and have been in the business for over 15 years.

The celebrities who come to the retreat are sold on the honesty of the place I believe and the fact it works – every time. I wouldnt name all of the celeb followers here, but the ones who have tweeted and made it public knowledge are Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon, Beverley Knight, Eamonn Holmes, Carol Vorderman, Vicky Pattison, McFly, Lawson, Ricky Wilson, Lauren Goodger, Millie Mackintosh, Gary Lineker, Olly Murs the list goes on and on.

(5) What has business ownership taught you about money management

I used to work down the markets selling jumpers and t-shirts and business is simple: make sure your incomings are more than your outgoings. Dont have meetings for the sake of meetings or to make yourself feel important, and run a tight ship.

I see so many companies who take no notice of whats actually happening to the budgets they set. Work smart, not conventionally, is my method. I would describe myself as the unconventional businessman as sometimes you just need to do things differently.

(6) Tell us about your smartest investments

It would have to be doing whatever it took to build and open Juicy Oasis Health Retreat in Portugal. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in business, but ended up being the smartest.

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(7) Do you get more satisfaction from spending or saving your money

Neither, I get more pleasure in reinvesting it into projects that excite me. Often that means things like building a new retreat and getting to enjoy all that that brings.

(8) What are your most expensive hobbies

As my work is my hobby, theres no actual expense to it. My only indulgence is that any flight more than six hours long I like to go at least business class. I virtually live on a plane so that matters to me.

(9) Most prized possession

My beautiful mother always taught me dont ever let your possessions possess you , so it’s hard to have a prized one. The thing I treasure most is my health, my friends, family and the love of my life Katie.

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(10) What are your favourite luxury brands

Again, I dont really have one. I wear a standard Diesel watch and most of my clothes come from Diesel (no I dont get paid by them or get free clothes!). I work most days in shorts, t-shirt and bare feet. I have no desire to spend thousands on a suit or watch, but I do like Apple products (well Im losing the love slightly as they need to catch up on the market they created!)

(11) Where has your most luxurious holiday take you

I have been blessed to have travelled vastly with my vocation of Juicing The World. The best trip I ever had was driving from Cape Tribulation in Australia to Sydney. It took three weeks and I got the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I say one of the most beautiful as that title goes to Italy! I once hired a little Vespa and me and Katie went through Tuscany – it is as good as it sounds.

(12) Excluding property, what has been your most expensive purchase

I bought my boyhood dream car, an Aston Martin. I had always wanted one and so when I got the opportunity, I bought one! However, within eight weeks I had given it back and gone back to my Audi, the dream is often better than the reality when it comes to things . Memories is all we really have and creating those is what I focus on. 

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