Domino’s Pizza plans recruitment drive to cope with World Cup demand

The 64 games to be played in Brazil this summer will be shown between 5 and 11pm in the UK, so it expects Brits to rack up enough orders to have its delivery team travelling 13.5 million miles.

The firm expects to sell nearly six million pizzas during June and July ? enough to stretch the 10,000+ miles from London to Rio and back again ? this equates to 56 million slices.

The pizzas will be made by 5,000 staff using enough mozzarella to fill 1.5 olympic swimming pools and tomato sauce weighing the equivalent of 109 double decker buses.

Stuart Lauderdale, Head of Operations at Domino?s Pizza UK said: ?Domino?s is looking for drivers with the right attitude towards service and who really care about what they do.

?Over half of our current store managers started out as delivery drivers themselves, so whether you?re looking to make extra cash in your spare time or a brand new career, there opportunities are there for the taking.?

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