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If Donald Trump becomes president I will?

The question of what woud happen if Donald Trump becomes president is not a new one, and for many Brits the answer wasn’t pretty. Iteven saw UK politicians get?together to discuss whether he should be banned from entering Britain. The former prime minister, David Cameron, had some choice words of his own, claiming “Trump’s remarks in relation to Muslims are divisive, unhelpful and wrong.

Boris Johnson suggested the only reason to avoid New York was the risk of meeting Trump” and SNP’s Tasmina Sheikh at the time compared him to a “hate preacher?.

But what would happen if he actually won” Experts suggest the pound would rise dramatically against the dollarAnd our relationship with the US could turn sour?due to the degree of distrust our?government feels towards Trump.

With the title of president soon to fall into the hands of a US candidate though, we asked UK business leaders what they would do if Trump was victorious ?” and the results were both hilarious and insightful.

(1) If Donald Trump wins Martin Campbell, MD of fintech firm Ormsby Street, will…

?…expect that, as in Britain after the Brexit vote, all mainstream politicians will have to address the fundamental question of race which the US has been pretending doesn’t exist for many years.

?Unfortunately, this soul searching will be prompted only after an upsurge in the kind of racism that Donald Trump has given popular voice to in his various pronouncements in his campaign. Ultimately, America’s foundation as a nation of immigrants should triumph over protectionism and racism, but it won’t be pleasant. Tread carefully America.

(2)?If Donald Trump wins Rob Walters, head of eCommerce at The Furniture Market, will…

?…stock up on emergency supplies.

(3) If Donald Trump wins Richard Upshall, executive chairman of OES Oilfield Services Group and founder of the RU group of companies, will…

?…be right on the third of my three major economic predictions this year after saying oil will be over $50 mid-year and, subject to a few bumps, higher later and Brexit will happen.

All are boons for the economy and I will be among the first to embrace a business-brained, straight talker who is more interested in actions than the political chatter as has been obvious throughout his campaign. I will see a recovery in the oil sector, enjoy watching as economic leaders clamour to meet him, and chuckle as those with agendas run and hide.

(4) If Donald Trump wins Rune Sovndahl, CEO of on-demand domestic service provider Fantastic Services, will…

?…use fake tan every day until New Year. Having predicted the Brexit ‘Leave’ vote earlier this year, I’d better warn my colleagues and friends to prepare themselves for my orange glow. I’ve seen so many voters opt on sentiment rather than intellect like with the Brexit vote and I really hope the US election doesn’t go the same way.

(5) If Donald Trump wins Laura Devine, managing partner at specialist corporate immigration law firm Laura Devine Solicitors,?will…

“…as founder of a corporate immigration specialist law firm, be expecting a lot more work, as UK and other international firms struggle to grapple with the challenges of deploying resources in the US when the president is committed to building literal and metaphorical walls, and even potentially preventing Muslim employees from setting foot in the country.

(6) If Donald Trump wins Sheila Fitzpatrick, chief privacy officer?of NetApp, will…

?…be happy a woman finally came within a hair’s breadth of becoming the first female president. While some might say it’s ludicrous that we have yet to reach this milestone, the election process should be a wakeup call for organisations to reassess diversity commitments, especially in sectors like technology where diversity lags behind. Businesses not doing so risk missing out on the wide pool of talent and expertise available to them.

At the same time, Clinton has already broken records by being the first official major-party female presidential nominee, and this should inspire women globally to realise that they can tear down the barriers which hinder their career path.

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